DONY? I didn’t see anything from you yesterday…?

Everybody loves The Simpson’s right? A GIF dramatization of what was my experience
Wolf on Wall Street, an epic mood, I’m sure, for capitalists who feast from constituent suffrage occupationally.
D’Amonte Brown, known additionally as Donatello D’Amante, @dudeofnewyork, [and associated]. US Citizen, EST Constituent and really smart individual; despite unpopular intellectual occupation among corresponding demographics socially.

About The Oct 2019 work incident effecting me singularly to all parties involved respective to responsibilities established and retracted and respectfully as an independent correspondent by rights (or writs) of law and order (not the show)

More Information:

About the January 2022 bar incident in Hoboken resulting in a list of grievances whereas the bar establishment of FAT TACO is responsible, and thus liable for damages.

Google Maps Review of FAT TACO, 32 Newark Street, Hoboken New Jersey

About the DUDEOFNEWYORK Initiative, established January 2022 for the purpose of prosperity for One American Constituent independently, respective of Rule of Law and Constitutional Order.



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